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Meet The Team

We think hiring us to be at your special event is a pretty big deal! It's a real honour every time someone books us to be part of a special time in their lives surronded by their friends and family.


So before you book take a look at our super friendly, reliable team members whose aim is to make the hiring of the booth as fun and easy as possible!


Amy aka The Boss, head honcho or affectionately known as Amybaby! A Stalwart of the VIP team since start-up and now running the show!
During the day she's assisting Financial Advisers and herding partygoers by night!
She's more than approachable so do drop her a little line with your requests, no matter how wacky or hair-brained they may seem (you haven't met her family!)


Chloe aka little BIG sis of The boss! she takes no nonsense as she's usually tussling with a sassy toddler during the day if she isn't preening and making folk of East Yorkshire look fabulous as a beautician. She manages the booth just to take a break!

As well as being an appointed booth butler, Chloe also keeps the socials updated and looking fabulous.

Ivy (aka Security), by far the youngest member of the VIP team but very bossy. 

Michele (aka bosses mum),
loves a good party and a few cheeky gins. but still manages to keep everyone in check

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